White Fillings

What’s involved in filling a tooth?

  • Firstly, we numb the area so no pain or discomfort is felt. Then we carefully remove any decay with specialised equipment. Once we’re satisfied that all decay has been removed, we clean the area of bacteria and debris.

  • Composite material is then placed in layers, with each layer cured by a special light. Once the layering process is completed, we shape and polish the filling so it that it’s camouflaged against the surrounding tooth.

  • By the time we’re finished, you won’t be able to tell the difference between the filling and your tooth.

  • White fillings are a great solution for small areas of decay, fractures or aesthetic issues, but they still have their limitations.

Less sensitive to temperature

Safer & more aesthetically pleasing

Better restores the original tooth’s strength

White fillings, also known as Composite fillings, are an excellent cost-effective option for treating damaged teeth.


They are more cosmetically pleasing than the previously the previously common metal (amalgam) fillings and have several other benefits.

It’s often the case that by the time you’re aware of an issue, it has already grown quite large. Regular check-ups with your dentist provide the opportunity to detect issues before they become too serious. 


Early detection is often the difference between a minor dental treatment (i.e. white filling) and something more complex, like a root canal.

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