Nervous Patients

Have a phobia of dentists?

We see patients everyday who are anxious at the dentist and together our team has ensured we have done all we can to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

  • Our whole team are trained to be patient, caring and understanding. Take your time and relax in our waiting room until you’re ready for your appointment.
  • We will work with you to help you in any way possible. Some patients like everything explained to them and some not at all – we’re more than happy to cater to what makes you comfortable – just let us know.
  • We have various techniques to ease the process of anaesthesia including flavoured numbing gel and aids such as massagers to ease discomfort from anaesthetic delivery.
  • All of our dentists have been trained to use various methods of sedation. We also work closely with local doctors or are happy to work with your existing doctor to form a long-term sedation plan.

All our dentists have had substantial experience treating nervous patients and aim to not only have you relieved to have found success at the dentist, but also delighted to have found their dentist for life.