What Are Wisdom Teeth and Do They Need To Be Extracted?

woman holding icepack to side of face where wisdom tooth is causing pain

Having an issue with your wisdom teeth or wondering if you’ll need to get them out?

What are wisdom teeth in the first place? Have a read of this article and learn more.

What Are Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth typically erupt in late teens or early twenties.

Normally there are four wisdom teeth, one is each side and jaw of your mouth.

Wisdom teeth do not always need to be taken out – the main reason why they do however need to be taken out for certain people include;

  • There just isn’t enough space and they’re too hard to clean leading to decay of the wisdom teeth or its surrounding teeth.
  • The teeth have only half erupted and are staying like that or keeping moving in and out of the gum. Many times this scenario will lead to infection of the gum around the half erupted teeth.
  • The teeth are pushing on other teeth and are leading to crowding – especially in patient who have complete braces or orthodontic treatment.

For patients who are suffering from one or more of the above – we may recommend that your wisdom teeth be removed.

This usually occurs when patients are younger as that’s when the teeth start to erupt and also because generally healing and recovery is better when young.

We recognise that many patients will need to have their wisdoms out and have worked hard to provide a safe and affordable means of wisdom teeth removal.

Our dental surgeons can remove these teeth under local anaesthesia for a fraction of the cost of removal under general anaesthesia.

We also offer interest free payment plans.

If you’ve got a recent copy of your x-ray and are happy to come in to the practice – we’re more than happy to give you a second opinion!

Please do not hesitate to give the team a call or contact us to ask any questions about your teeth or the Polished Dental process – we’re only too happy to help!

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