On Smiling – By Dr. Sang!

smiling girl

Smiling is not only good for our health but is Infectious! Did you know?

In a society that is constantly busy, on the move and absorbed by technology and social media it almost seems to be a forgotten behaviour to smile and acknowledge the people we walk past. When was the last time you were smiled at in the street or do you know the last time you smiled at somebody you didn’t know? Not only is it polite, but smiling also has health benefits and can improve our mental well being. It makes us feel happier when we smile and also helps our body to release endorphins that can provide multiple benefits including reduced blood pressure, reduced stress and has been proven to make us more attractive to others!

After talking to lots of our patients and the community we’ve found that lack of confidence or concerns of our oral health is a big reason why people don’t smile or laugh especially out in public . Do you find yourself not feeling confident to smile because you feel self conscious? Let us help you regain that confidence so you can help our team continue Spike Milligan’s epidemic and infect the world with smiles!


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