Teeth whitening

Your teeth can gradually become stained and darker with age and everyday use. Teeth whitening uses medicaments to chemically break down the bonds that form stains on and in your tooth structure. The end result is a long-lasting, whiter and vibrant smile.

We offer both take-home whitening, which is performed daily, and in-office whitening which is completed in one appointment. Both services include an initial consult and support throughout the treatment to ensure you are satisfied with the final result. With take-home kits, repeat treatments are extremely convenient as additional medicaments can be purchased as a refresher when you please.

Teeth whitening is most effective on clean and healthy surfaces so it is best to have your teeth checked prior to starting any new whitening treatment. You may experience sensitivity during or after whitening procedures so if you think this may be a concern for you, please discuss this with your dentist at your check-up appointment.

In most cases, tooth-whitening is partially or fully covered by your health fund – please let us know if you’re interested as we’re always too happy to enquire for you.