It would be our pleasure.We make booking appointments as simple as possible. Book online 24/7 or give us a call – we’d be happy to make time to help you.

You’ll be welcomed to the practice by one of our friendly staff. We will ask you to fill out a medical history form to ensure we know how your dental health fits within your complete health and wellbeing.We will take the time to talk to you about how you would like us to help you.

Generally, we take the opportunity to take clinical photos and if required x-rays so diagnose and talk to you about any issues. We comprehensively examine all parts of not only your mouth but also your head, neck, lips and mouth. Sometimes we will also gently scale, clean and polish your teeth.

Finally, we will have a discussion with you about treatment options, costs and timing in a relaxed and easy to understand fashion. Before you leave you will know for sure what is to come and how much it will exactly cost including any health fund rebates.

Of course – and very easily. Just let us know who your previous dentist is and we’ll do the rest. It normally takes approximately a week to transfer records.

The interval between dental check-ups can vary. Prevention is vital for easy and affordable trips to the dentist and check-ups serve as a way to check for problems that may have arisen and to check on any ongoing issues we’re keeping an eye on.

For the family, it’s a good opportunity to check that everyone is brushing and flossing properly.The most common check-up interval for most is 6 months as recommended by the Australian Dental Association. This however can vary to be more or less frequent than this. We will let you know what interval works best for you at the end of your appointment.

We never take x-rays when they are not required. When we do, we use a new digital x-ray system which ensures minimum x-ray exposure. We take x-rays when we need to inspect an area we can’t see with our eyes – for example in between teeth and underneath gums.

Routine X-rays are normally taken every 2 years however this can vary to be shorter or longer than this. Factors that can influence this include oral hygiene and whether or not we are monitoring something that requires x-rays to observe any changes.Before we have taken any x-rays we will explain to you why it is required and any associated costs. We generally avoid taking x-rays for pregnant women. Please let us know if there are any questions you may have about x-rays.

Toothaches can really ruin your day. Unfortunately, a toothache can be caused by a lot of different things; for example, large decay, chipped and cracked teeth.

Toothaches also do not disappear permanently with time so please secure an appointment with us online or by phone so we can help you out as soon as possible – we reserve limited appointments every day to help patient with dental emergencies.

Give us a call first of all – we’re open early mornings and late night as well as Saturday and Sunday. We’re also available 24/7 to book an appointment at you’re a time that suits you best. We try to check our messages very often so please leave one and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

If we’re open, call us and we will guide you over the phone. We will see you as soon as possible and make time whilst you come down to the practice.In the mean time; if you can try to place the tooth back into the socket, do so. If not, place it in some milk whilst you get to us.

We’ve reserved the time for you and look forward to seeing you at the practice. If you realise you cannot make it, we ask for at least 24 hours notice so we can offer your appointment time to other patients – such as patients who may have a toothache. Please call us to let us know and we can try to find a better time for you.

We generally encourage first dental appointments when children have 4-5 teeth. This can range between 2-3 years old. Even if everything is ok – its great for kids’ first appointments to be fun. We show them through the instruments, take them for a ride in the chair and leave them (and you) with a polaroid of the experience!

We have a hicaps machine on site. This means we can scan your health insurance card, claim your insurance rebate on the spot and then pay the balance or gap then as well – no calling or communicating with your health insurance required. The gap payment can be made by credit card, eftpos or cash.

We can and love to. The only difference is that your treatment won’t be partially covered by a private health insurer.

We see patients everyday who are anxious of the dentist and together our team have ensured we have done all we can to make your visit as pleasant as possible. This includes:

  • Our whole team are trained to be patient, caring and understanding. Take your time and settle in our waiting room and come in when you’re ready
  • We will work with you to help you in any way possible. Just let us know. Some patients like everything explained to them and some not at all – we’re more than happy to cater to what makes you comfortable – just let us know.
  • We have various aids to ease the process of anaesthesia including flavoured numbing gel and tools to ease discomfort from anaesthetic delivery
  • All of our dentists have been trained to use various means of sedation. We also work closely with local doctors or are happy to work with your existing doctor to form a long term sedation plan

All our dentists regularly see nervous patients and aim to not only have our patients relieved to have finished and dental work but also happy to know they’ve found a new dental team for the future.

We use the highest quality Australian laboratories and materials. This allows us to quickly get your custom made work back to you and support the local community.