Dental Health Tips for Parents

Boy smiling with healthy, white teeth- dental health tips
Dental health tips for parents – even as many adults can attest to, the dentist can be a very uncomfortable place for kids – but it doesn’t have to be! Use these 4 tips to get the littlies skipping in and out of the dental chair with big white smiles on their dials!

Bring the kiddies in when younger for a hassle free appointment 

Prevention really is key here. Bringing kids in for a check-up appointments when young prevents both traumatic appointments for kids as well as allowing us to spot potential issues earlier. This means less tears for the kids, you and your wallet!

Dental health tips for parents – Stay away from the big no-no word

There are some words we all cringe at. Even if kids don’t completely understand the dental jargon – they’re very good at picking up on negative connotations of words. Some kids really respond well to letting them know what is to be expected with fillings whilst others don’t so see what walk best for each of your children. Some words we use that work well when explaining procedures include:
  • Dentist Tips For KidsAnaesthetic – sleepy juice
  • Certain drills – tooth ticklers
  • Suction unit – mini vacuum
  • Tooth cleaning agents – tooth shampoo
  • Decay – bugs
  • Fillings – stars
Our staff work extensively with kids and love to spend the time explaining procedures to kids.

Tips for Parents: Let them know what the dentist does to help 

We have many aids and presents for kids to help them ease them into the dentist and help the look forward to the next appointment. These include:

TV’s on the ceilings

We give the kids the chance to choose what they would like to watch on tv whilst their teeth are being checked out. As many parents can attest to – Paw Patrol and Lego really help calm the jitters!

Presents for good kids

We have a treasure chest of toys that kids! After a good appointment the kids can look through the chest and choose a toy to take home with them. They can choose a toy every time they have a good appointment!


We like to leave the family with good memories of the dentist so after we polish up that smile we like to leave the kids with a Polaroid to take home!

Bring them in in the morning

Kids tend to be more compliant in the morning – before they get too tired with the rigours of the day. Bringing the littlies in for a morning appointments shortly after breakfast also means that if they require anaesthetic they don’t have to worry about eating whilst being numb which can be harder to handle. Please contact us if we can help!

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