Dental Check Up – How Often Should I Have One?

dental checks for children

Very often we’ll see patients who have not had a dental checkup for years and come to us with a problem.

We also see patients who religiously come back every 6 months for their routine check-ups.

We love BOTH types of patients – because simply – they’re in for a check-up! For us, there’s no better time to have a check-up than today.

Here’s three reasons why a dental checkup is a great idea.

1. We get a very good view of things from where we are

We don’t judge – our aim is to let you know what’s going on and to make a plan to keep everything healthy.

Many issues in dentistry are asymptomatic – that is even when something is wrong, it doesn’t hurt. A good example of this is gum disease. This is an issue we can spot very easily, but when left untreated gum disease does not always hurt and the end stage of late gum disease is loose teeth! That’s why we take photos and x-rays with exams and with regular check-ups we can keep an eye on any changes.  

2. Unfortunately dental problems don’t get cheaper to treat if left over time

All issues in dentistry are cheaper to fix when the problem is smaller. Not only that – they are almost always easier to treat when the problem is smaller!

It’s much easier to procrastinate and leave that niggling issue for next week, or next month – but the sooner it’s done the cheaper and easier it will be. Also – doesn’t it just feel better knowing your smile is pain and problem free?

3. For the kids – it helps if the first dental checkup is fun and easy.

The ideal appointment for any child at the dentist is a routine check-up. If it’s their first appointment – then it means there’s the time and opportunity to slowly show them what being at the dentist is like and that visits can be pain free and fun. If it’s a routine check-up it means that the kids know what is coming up – so there are no surprises. Both of these build up a lifelong healthy habit of carefree and affordable dental appointments.

At Polished – we believe cost should not get in the way of you and a healthy smile. That’s why we’ve worked hard to ensure exams and x-rays when they are needed are affordable for you and the whole family.  

As a guide our prices are:

If you’re in a health fund:

Comprehensive exam, photos and Xrays if needed – No gap

Comprehensive exam, photos and Xrays if needed and clean – Most health funds no gap – maximum gap is $50.

If you’re not in a health fund:

Comprehensive exam and photos only – $55

Comprehensive exam, photos and Xrays if needed – $85

Comprehensive exam, photos and Xrays if needed and clean – $175

For kids – sometimes we don’t need to do a clean and therefore it will be less.


Please do not hesitate to give the team a call or contact us to ask any questions – we’re only too happy to help!

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