Children’s dentistry

One of the most rewarding parts of our job is being able to introduce children to the dentist in a positive and fun way.

Your children can take a ride in the dental chair, familiarise themselves with our equipment and have a tooth-brushing lesson. We even leave time for parents to take photos and videos of the their first appointment. Check out our in-practice polaroid gallery – we love to give you a happy snap to take home as a reminder that going to the dentist ain’t that bad!

Let us show your children how to brush and floss properly as we realise that encouraging this is the best way to avoid unnecessary dental treatment. We encourage children to have their first dental appointment as soon as their teeth start to erupt. This ensures their teeth are being properly maintained. It also provides children with the opportunity to have an easy and fuss-free dental experience from the start, paving the way for great cooperation in the future.

For children who are anxious, we pride ourselves on using patience and care to help them feel successful at the dentist – you’ll be surprised how much they can achieve! We have various aids and techniques to help children cope with local anaesthetic and settle into all procedures.