Family Dental Clinic in Kenmore

Dr Andrew with some new friends!

Are you looking for a friendly, affordable family Dental Clinic in Kenmore? The team at Polished Dental would love to meet you. Learn more about our family dental centre and how we can help keep your teeth in top shape! 

Polished Dental a happy family at our dental centre.
Polished Dental – a happy family dental centre.

Caring about your family’s teeth is one of the most important things you can do. So teaching your young ones to enjoy a visit to the dentist is a great idea. Get them off to the right start by picking a friendly, professional, and fun dental studio! If you’re located in Kenmore, we’re just on Moggill road – nice and local. If you’re at Chapel Hill, Fig Tree Pocket, Brookfield or Pullenvale – we’re just around the corner and would love to meet you!

More About First Dentist Appointments

Their first visit:

A question we often get is – when’s the best age to start taking my kids to the dentist?

The answer is – before they need any work done!

Just like a lot of us adults have been scarred by that one bad dental appointment, it is important to start children off on the right foot – by showing the dentist can be pain free.

At our family dental clinic we like to keep the first appointment simple – we take the kids for a ride in the chair, show them the tools we’ll use to count their teeth, show them the TV on the ceiling and wait for them to stop listening to us after they become lost in what is playing on Netflix, and if they’re feeling brave – give them their teeth a debridement and polish.

We usually like to finish the appointment with some photos, a present from the treasure chest and some reinforcement that the dentists can and should be easy!

Happy Families at Polished Dental!
Happy Families at Polished Dental!

Review and ongoing check ups

It’s important to maintain a regular check-up schedule. This can be either every 6 months or every 12 months depending on what we are monitoring. Issues we monitor during these checks include

  • Development of bite
  • Eruption of adult teeth
  • Decay in teeth
  • How oral hygiene and giving tips like showing kids how to brush properly and floss
  • Reinforce good oral hygiene
  • Any required x-rays

Many health funds are very generous in their rebates for children’s dental so it pays to find out how much the rebate for exams, scale and cleans are as you may otherwise be missing out. Many parents and families are entitled to the Australian Childhood Dental Benefits Scheme which entitles all children between the ages of 2-18 to $1000 of approved dental treatment – which is renewed every two calendar years. If you are curious as to if your children are eligible, please feel free to call Polished Dental with your Medicare details and the team will be more than happy to find out for you.

Braces and Orthodontics checks

Braces and orthodontic checks are done less often than regular check-ups. The intention here is to check that the relationship between the upper and lower jaws as well as the upper and low teeth are harmonious. When they are not harmonious and left untreated, bites can become traumatic later in life with damaging habits such as clenching, grinding and acid wear.

At Polished Dental, all of our dentists incorporate orthodontic checks into our regular reviews as we understand families are busy and that doing all we can during check-ups brings piece of mind as well as value for money.

Dr Andrew with some new friends!
Dr Andrew with some new friends!

If you are wanting some more resources about your child’s dental hygiene, here are some dentist endorsed websites and articles that may interest you:

Any questions? Please feel free to contact us or make an appointment with the friendly team at Polished Dental.

Hope to see you soon!